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Information about you

Mytoppills.com understands your privacy right and is committed to safeguarding it.

We make use of the information we gather on our website to ensure you have the most enjoyable shopping experience.

If you purchase medication when you purchase a prescription, you will be asked to sign up for an account that will contain an email address your mailing address as well as your name and credit card number, and expiration date, as with other information.

We secure the information associated with your account information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

We will only divulge classified information about individuals to third parties only if we are required to disclose it under the law.

Mytoppills reserves the right to end any agreement or refuse service for any client without giving advance notice. Our company will provide an entire refund in the event that the customer placed an order in the last few days.

Since the information about every item is so standard in nature that anyone can utilize the drugs, it is essential to consult with a physician before getting or using the drugs.

Mytoppills ensures the highest level of security to all its customers by protecting your personal data. We only use legitimate information to provide our clients with the most enjoyable experience possible.

Each customer who purchases medicine through our website is invited to sign up for an account under their own identity and address. The address for mailing and the method of payment chosen by the buyer can be saved to the account.

The account is confirmed at the moment of registration. This is done by sending a confirmation by email at any address.


In Mytoppills The client’s personal data is required and is obtained via SSL encryption. This protects the data you’re investing in your own personal area.

It is virtually impossible for anyone to get their clients’ personal information. Information like credit card numbers, as well as other personal information, are stored securely in the database. This data is not usually stored on the website database, ensuring complete customer security.

Comment and suggestion

On our website, we have an area for feedback where customers can post their feedback about a specific product. It is also possible to leave an observation about the policies we publish. We reply to each message we receive in a timely fashion.


We look to hearing from you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please contact us at [email protected]

Order/Shipment Policy

Shipping costs are included in every purchase. The shipping cost can be calculated based on the weight of the medication. It should take at least 10 working days for the order to be delivered. Be aware of the timeline when assessing the quantity of medicine we need to package and ship. To ensure that you aren’t running out of something before receiving it, you should order it ahead of time.

Order Shipping Policies

Each order is subject to an additional cost, which is typically calculated based on how much weight is included in the item. You must agree to at least 10 business days to deliver your order.

Inconveniences at Customs

Mytoppills cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery of products to you the buyer. Your purchase will be shipped to your country of origin, in addition to the fact it is understood that Mytoppills does not have any control over any delays that are imposed by the Government’s Customs Department or the delivery service.

You agree to allow another 7 days before making a reshipment in the event that your order doesn’t arrive within the timeframe.

Costs to Customs

You understand that you may be required to pay duty and taxes on any goods that you import into the country.

These fees (if appropriate) are to be directly paid through the Customs Department by you, and you agree you understand that Mytoppills is not accountable for these charges. You know that delays could occur as they wait for you to pay the fees.

Prices and Terms of Payment

  • Prices for all of our products are listed as US dollars (United US Dollars)
  • We take great care to ensure that the prices and availability of products listed on our website are accurate and up-to-date. However, it is possible to have an inaccuracy in the price of a product or an error in the availability of a product at times. We cannot be held accountable for any typographical mistakes in these instances We are entitled to terminate the sale.
  • We retain the right to correct any errors or omissions in pricing and product availability/descriptions and to change or update any other information at any time without prior notice, even after you have submitted your order.
  • Our delivery fees are as below:
    • Delivery charges can vary dependent on the area of delivery and the type of product you pick.
    • Purchases of $249 or more can be shipped for free. (Value in the Cart)

The time required to receive your order is contingent on the area of delivery as well as the kind of item you purchase.

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