Refund and Returns Policy

People who buy drugs from our website are advised to go through our return and refund policy at minimum at least once. This will give them an overview of the policies we have put on our site. This will also assist the customer as well as us to keep from any further confusion or harassment.

It is possible to look at the following issues:

The order is confirmed.

We will email you confirming the details of your order and will also include the features of the drug and the costs associated with them after you’ve completed your order and before you reach the page for payment or procedure.

Following that, you have to complete the order and pay your payment on the internet. Once you have successfully placed your order, you’ll receive an acknowledgment of the final status from us, which will contain the entire amount of your order along with the expected time of delivery.

If we are unable to make your purchase or place an order that is not complete due to the item being sold out of our stock and we’ll include it on our last acknowledgment invoice.

Deliverement Confirmation

Your order(s) are likely to be delivered within 24 hours of processing. We will send you an email with the shipping confirmation number, tracking links, and details regarding how to contact us should you have any queries.

Learning the customs

Mytoppills sells its products not just within India’s borders, but as well internationally. Therefore, if you’re an international citizen, you will have additional time. Since your shipment will likely be subject to a customs inspection once they arrive at your airport or at the port and could result in additional delays.

We are not liable for any delays caused due to customs delays since they are out of our control. In general, following clearance of customs your cargo will be delivered to a local office of couriers and the local delivery process begins.

It’s your turn to get this package.

Our packages are usually delivered within a few days to territories and local zones. There could delay caused by unforeseeable circumstances like customs delays or natural disasters, political turmoil, and state turmoil or shut down.

For international orders, we’ll need additional time. The typical timeframe is less than 2 or three weeks to upload the final order on our website.

But, remember that there could be a customs check, which could cause delays. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep track of their box and shipments and to call us for assistance in the event that the delivery hasn’t been delivered within 14 days of the date.

Reshipments of lost orders:

Mytoppills will refund or reship any order that is lost. It is crucial to notify the customer service within 8 weeks from the time the purchase is being delivered to the client if there are delays in the time it arrives. When the purchase is reported as lost either a refund or replacement is provided. If the report is not submitted within 8 weeks from the date of deadline cannot be considered or accepted for return.
Refund of an order that was placed through Mytoppills. Mytoppills will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

* If the item is delayed by more than 7 days for delivery according to the shipping information for the item.
* The shipping date mentioned is correct.
* The purchase will be subject to the replacement policy if the buyer makes the order at an incorrect address.

Returns policy and refunds

If a customer receives a package with damaged or altered seals the client has to notify the carrier in the first 7 days after receipt of the package.

After examining all of the items, if you make the order for a return or refund within 7 days of receiving the item, we’ll make arrangements for replacement shipment and collection of the damaged item.

Orders placed after 7 days have no chance of being eligible to be returned or refunded.

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