Vigora Oral Jelly (Sildenafil Citrate Oral Jelly)

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Vigora Oral Jelly is Sildenafil Oral Jelly, an active fixing that is used to treat erectile dysfunction treatment for males. Sildenafil Oral Jelly (PDE-5 inhibitor) is a working fixing found in the oral jelly that helps to build the flow of blood to the penis by loosening the muscles of those veins in the penile.

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Brand Vigora
Manufacturers German Remedies
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 5 Sachets in 1 pack
Delivery Time 10-20 Days
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What exactly is Vigora oral jelly?

Oral jelly called Vigora can be the first-in-line treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The efficacy of the medication depends on the type of component it is acquiring. In this instance, the drug is acquiring sildenafil citrate as the principal active and effective component that makes up the pills.

Vigora Oral Jelly solves the issue of male erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood within the blood vessels of that region of the penile. It is a PDE5 inhibitor that regulates the activities that are the PDE5 enzyme and gives the desired outcomes.

The appropriate dosage required for Vigora Jelly is contingent upon the body’s weight, medical history, gender, and age. The symptoms of the individual and the method of administration are important in making the right dosage. The information is available in detail in the dosage section.

How do I use it?

The pill should be used with a prescription from a doctor. The dosage range for vigora is between 5 mg and 100 mg, and you should seek advice from your doctor on the dosage. The pill Sildenafil is consumed 30 minutes before sexual activities, whether or not food. The man can take it anytime, however, one should set an exact time to ensure there is a continuity in dosages.

What is Vigora Oral Jelly’s work?

It’s a way of relaxing the penis’ blood vessels and thereby increasing the flow of blood to your penis after you have been sexually stimulated. This can help you keep a firm and erect penis appropriate for sexual activity.

Vigora Oral Jelly Dosage

Missed Dose

Take miss the dose by taking it as fast as you can. You can take a break from the dosage in case it’s close to the dose that is scheduled for the following day. This can be done for conditions like Pulmonary Hypertension in which the treatment plan is fast.


See a doctor right away if you suspect an overdose that you suspect. It’s possible that you need urgent medical attention if it is suspected that the dose is extremely grave.

Does Vigora Available Different Dosage & Strength

Vigore force

Vigora 50

Vigora 100 mg 

Side effects

    • Headache
    • Flushing
    • Dyspepsia
    • Dizziness
    • Nasal congestion
    • The blurring of vision.

Precaution regarding Sildenafil Oral Jelly

These are the steps to be taken into consideration when taking Sildenafil Oral Jelly. It is only recommended to use it when prescribed by your doctor for you. Do not take it without a prescription. Sildenafil oral jelly is not recommended when combined with medications that contain Nitrates.

Be sure to avoid eating large meals before and following the intake of this medication, as it could cause you to reduce the ability to produce an erection that is longer and more intense.

Men are the only ones who are capable of taking Sildenafil Oral Jelly. Patients who suffer from renal diseases, diabetes, ocular issues or heart diseases and high blood pressure issues with the liver, and sickle cell anemia require their doctor’s permission before beginning doses.

Special Advise

Do not consume Vigora 100mg Banana? Jelly Flav 5gm 1’s, if you’ve recently consumed a medicine that treats chest pain or angina like Nitrates.

Take Vigora 100mg Banana? Jelly Flav is 5gm in size. for 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual encounters. However, it is advised to take it one hour before sexual activity.

Speak to your doctor If the erection continues to be uncomfortable for longer than four hours after the sexual encounter.

Consult your doctor before taking Vigora 100mg Banana? Jelly Flav is 5gm in 1’s if there is sickle cell anemia (an abnormality in red blood cells) or myeloma (cancer of bone the marrow) and leukemia (cancer in blood cells).

Consult your physician before you start taking Vigora 100mg Banana? Jelly Flav 5gm 1.’s if you have stomach ulcers or bleeding issues or heart issues.

Storage Conditions for Vigora Oral Jelly

    • Store the items within the space at room temperature.
    • Set the objects in a cool and dry place.
    • It is important to ensure that all medication is stored in a place that is safe, away from your home, and not near children and pets are not an issue.


What exactly does Vigora’s role?

Vigora is a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor that is a penile relaxer. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles and increasing the circulation toward the penis. It assists in getting and keeping an effective erection but only when sexually stimulated.

Is Vigora safe?

It’s real that Vigora is safe to use at the time and in the doses prescribed by your doctor. However, many adverse effects may be observed at high doses, like Headache, Diarrhoea, Dyspepsia as well as the feeling of flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, and neck) and pain in the Extremity.

Is Vigora a steroid?

There’s no need to be concerned, Vigora is not an Asteroid. It’s part of the category of medicines called phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors which are utilized to treat Erectile dysfunction.

Vigora is an over-the-counter product?

Vigora does not come as an over-the-counter medicine. You can buy it only if suggested by a doctor.

Is Vigora act as an anti-blood thinner?

This isn’t true. Vigora isn’t blood thinner.

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