Malegra 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate 100mg)

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Malegra 100 is a that addresses sexual dysfunction effectively and successfully it is a combination of sildenafil citrate in 100 mg as the main and effective fix that assists during sexual sex to create a strong and durable erection over the right amount of time.

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Brand Sildenafil Tablets
Manufacturers Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd (india)
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days
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Malegra 100 mg is a prescribed drug available on the internet. Additionally, it can be beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction as well as hypertension pulmonary.

Additionally, anyone who is unable to get an erection after adequate arousal, or loses firmness too fast is a sign of erectile dysfunction. This problem is known as impotence.

Men across the globe and from different age groups are confronted with this issue. In addition, it can be due to poor eating habits or poor addiction, stress or stress, abuse of drugs smoking, stress, or others. However, it can be treated with malegra 100 mg.

Anyone who has taken the drug to date has seen noticeable changes in their sexual lives. Additionally, a lot of them have been able to eliminate the problem.

The thing that is what makes malegra distinctive is its quick functioning. Therefore, it works directly at the point of origin while keeping the rest of the body unaffected.

Malegra professional 100 mg work?

The drug is able to release phytonutrients and other vital substances like sildenafil, so that it may help to maintain adequate levels of blood flow throughout your body, which can even reach the private areas of your body.

This allows your body to achieve the highest results and allows you to enjoy an enduring intimate experience.

The medication once it has entered the system gradually begins to show its effect within one hour. Inhaling it in a cup of water is the only way to allow the drug to be effective inside your body.

Malegra professional 100mg instructions

It is important to note this point that it is not recommended to consume these drugs is not recommended for children. If you are a minor the drug could prove destructive and cause many problems when you are young.

Therefore, avoiding these substances is essential for anyone who could be experiencing erectile dysfunction less than 18 years old. There could be various solutions that may be offered.

Consumption of these drugs needs to be done with care because overdoing it could lead to severe problems with other crucial functions of the body. This should be kept in mind by anyone who is taking these drugs for the best outcomes.

How do I make use of malegra professional 100mg?

For the use of malegra professional 100mg, a person could be required to speak with a physician 1 first and then follow instructions that he has recommended.

According to the condition, your body may be experiencing it is recommended that the medication be integrated into your body so that it is able to work and provide the results you’re seeking.

The medicine should be taken at least one hour prior to engaging in intimate interactions with your partner in order to achieve the most effective results. Remember that typically 1 tablet is sufficient to have a lasting erection.


It is imperative for individuals to be careful not to use too much medication. It is advised for everyone to comprehend the needs of their own body, and to consume according to the recommendations of their physician.

Utilizing these medicines past their expiry dates can turn out fatal. This is something that should keep in your thoughts Kim taking any medicine that contains sildenafil.

Side effects

Every drug available on the market comes with some adverse negative effects. Similar to that, malegra 100 has side negative effects that are associated with it.

In addition, those suffering from ed are prone to side effects due to their inexperience or lack of care. Here are a few of the side consequences that can be experienced following the intake or use of malegra 100mg.

    • Lightheadedness
    • Headache
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Indigestion
    • Painful erection
    • Urine blood
    • Numerosity
    • A sensational fire
    • Eye sensitivity

If you experience any of these symptoms be patient because the effects of these will fade within a couple of hours. If the issue persists, you should consult a licensed physician.

Another dosage

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What to do in the cases of a missed dose?

If you are unable to take any dose of this medication it is a simple rule to immediately take it when you remember or you leave it. But, taking two doses of the medication in order to cover the missed dose may aggravate the situation.

Additionally, you should consume one malegra 100 mg tablet at the time of your intercourse. It’s also not a regular medication for everyday use.

Also, taking one pill prior to one period of time for sexual activities may allow you to take advantage of many rounds.

Also, remember that taking more than a pill per day may cause severe to moderate adverse effects. Therefore, increasing the dosage is not a good idea. If you miss the dose, you should wait until another dose.

How long is it possible to take malegra 100mg?

Your physician will provide the right answer based on your health conditions. Additionally, you should not stop the treatment prior to the start of the treatment or consult with your physician to prevent any adverse negative effects.

Malegra professional 100mg storage

Like any other medication that is prescribed, it is advised to place these dogs in an area in dry and cool conditions.

Making sure this is done will ensure that the medication does maintain its integrity and could be beneficial in aiding or enhancing treatments.

Maintaining these medicines at temperatures ranging from 5 and 20 degrees centigrade is enough when the weather is not humid.

Dry clean conditions are crucial to keep these medicines completely perfect so that they can be consumed in a safe manner.

It is also important to ensure that the drugs are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Extreme cold, but not extreme heat are good for the drug.

By avoiding these things, you can assure that the drug can be properly used to help patients get better from their ailments.

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