Careprost 3ml Eye Drop (With Brush)


The Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) is a kind of treatment that was primarily designed to treat various types of eye problems, Glaucoma,  and also to create follicles, or growth hair follicles on your eyebrows. This solution could aid the individual …

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Brand Latisse
Manufacturers Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (India)
Generic Name Bimatoprost
Packaging 3 ml in 1 bottle
Delivery Time 10-20 Days
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What is Careprost? Eye Drop (With Brush)?

The Careprost Drop for Eyes (With Brush) Is an eye drop that was designed to address various types of eye disorders. It is also utilized to stimulate follicles or grow follicles around your eyebrows.

This solution could aid a person to combat conditions such as intraocular pressure, glaucoma, or glaucoma. as well as treat conditions like Ocular hypertension.

Produced in world-class facilities, individuals can consume or take this medication in accordance with their needs to ease the conditions of degrading eyes.

The dosage of (Careprost) of dissolution varies from person to person as well as the condition that one is looking to recover from.

With the aid of the brush, the user can use the solution in a precise manner, making sure that they’re not overusing or taking too much within their eyes.

Use of Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush)

Eye Drop (with Brush) The Eye Drop Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) Bimatoprost is mostly utilized to treat ailments such as hypertension, but also for those who are having less development of the eyelashes.

It is effective in aiding in these conditions and also improves your eyesight for an extended period of time.

The answer is the kind of product that works to be used every day to ensure that you are able to deal with diverse forms of illness like the ones mentioned without any type of adverse side consequences.

It is an important aid to your peripheral vision. not be impaired due to any disease your eyes may be affected by.

How to take Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush)

The solution needs to be put into your eyes using the brush after it has been clean. In general 1 drop or 2 drops of the solution are enough.

With the use of a brush, you can be exact with the amount of solution you’re playing in.

To apply the eye drops it is necessary to wash the brush prior to ensuring that no other foreign particles are in your eyes, thereby protecting the cornea and peripheral vision.

What is Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) work?

The solution offers the best forms of capabilities in providing solutions to improve the condition of Glaucoma Ocular hypertension, Glaucoma, intraocular pressure within your eyes, and ultimately helping you deal with various types of ailments and complete health reduction is attained.

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Dose Didn’t Work

If you do not receive a dose of careprost brush medication, do not take the missed dose and administer your next dose at the same time. Don’t sell extra medication to compensate for a missed dose.


Get medical attention immediately or seek the advice of a doctor when you suspect that you have taken an overdose.

Side effects

Careprost Eye Drops may cause several minor and moderate adverse effects.

    • Hair growth is growing.
    • Vision is blurred
    • A shaky perception
    • Color vision shifts
    • The color of your eyes changes.
    • eye discharge
    • Headache
    • Eye irritability
    • Eyes that burn or are itching
    • Eye pain
    • Eye swelling
    • Blindness

Warnings and Cautions

The product has not been developed to be used by youngsters under the age of 18 years old. Therefore, keep it out of reach of children under the age of 18 years.

The brush that comes in the solution should not be used to suggest any other solution to your eyes since this could affect the absorption of the solution into your eyes, causing issues.

The solution used to treat other issues Eyes shouldn’t be considered.


What should I do to se Careprost?

Draw across the upper eyelid’s edge using a tiny drop of Careprost applied close to the edge of the brush.

Start on the inside of your lash line, and gradually move to the outside. Tissue paper can be used to soak up the excess solutions.

What can you tell that you are sure that a Careprost is authentic?

The bottle’s top is transparent in contrast to the white-colored bottle. The box is constructed of unwieldy plastic. The printing of the box is darker than Careprost and it has an arc between the corners.

How can I avoid purchasing false careprost?

The tip of the bottle is transparent instead of white like the other parts inside the bottle. The packaging is thin and is of poor quality. The box’s print is darker than that of the Careprost’s and is a straight line across the corners of the box.



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