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Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is an antiviral drug. It is used to treat infections caused by certain types of viruses. It stops the spread of viruses in human cells, which aids in removing the infection.


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Brand Zovirax
Manufacturers Cipla Ltd
Generic Name Acyclovir
Packaging 5 tablets in 1 strip
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Introduction of Acivir 800 mg DT

Acivir 800 mg DT  is a combination of acyclovir that is part of the group of drugs known as antiviral agents.

It is prescribed to treat shingles and chickenpox disease in adults.

Both shingles and chickenpox are extremely contagious viral infections brought on by varicella-zoster.

The common symptom of chickenpox is an itchy, blistering eruption on the chest, face, and back, while the shingles form one blister either on the right or left part of the body.

Acyclovir is a drug that kills or stops the growth or multiplication of viruses inside human cells. It is essential to consume plenty of fluids during treatment to prevent dehydration.

The most frequent negative effects of this medication are headaches nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, or fatigue. Consult your physician when any of these signs are bothering you.

Before taking this medication be sure to inform your doctor whether you suffer from kidney issues.

This medication should be taken cautiously in older patients, children, and those who have a weak immune system.

If you are pregnant or suspect you are nursing, seek advice from your physician before taking this medication.

This medication is not recommended to be used in children (under 18 years old) as well as in severely immunocompromised patients.

Acivir 800 mg DT use

Treatments for chickenpox (varicella infection) as well as shingles (herpes zoster infection) for adults

How Acivir 800 mg DT works

Acyclovir acts by killing or halting the growth and multiplication of viruses within human cells. It is incorporated into viral DNA.

It blocks the DNA polymerase enzyme of viral origin that stops the lengthening of viral DNA strands, preventing further replication of viral cells and helping to eliminate the virus.

Instructions for use

Follow the directions given by your doctor. Inhale the entire medicine in a sip of water.

If it is not swallowable the medicine can be dispersed in an ice cube and then stirred thoroughly before drinking.

Your physician will determine the right dosage and time for you, based on your weight, age, and severity of the condition.

Continue taking this medicine until your physician advises you to for better results.

Side effects of Acivir 800 mg DT


    • The signs of a reaction to an allergic condition (such as a rash on the skin and itching and swelling of the lips, face, and tongue, or any other part that comprise the human body), difficulties in breathing, and collapse)


    • Feeling tired
    • Dizzy
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Headache
    • Diarrhea
    • Stomach pain
    • Photosensitivity (skin reaction following contact with light)
    • Itching
    • Unexplained fever
    • Feeling faint, particularly when getting up

How to control side effects

Nausea or vomiting

Take this medicine before or after meals. Make sure to eat simple meals. Avoid eating fatty or spicy foods.


Take plenty of fluids like juice or water to prevent dehydration. Avoid taking any medications without consulting with a physician.

Stomach pain

Take time to relax and rest. You can eat and drink slowly or take smaller, frequent meals. The use of a heating pad on your stomach could aid. If you are still experiencing pain you should consult with your doctor.

Skin rashes

Do not shower in hot temperatures as hot water may irritate your skin. Avoid rubbing or scratching the area that is affected. Wear sunscreen and wear protective clothing when you are outside.

Use moisturizers regularly to calm and hydrate the affected region. If it doesn’t improve, see an expert.


Take a break and drink ample fluids. Don’t drink excessively of alcohol.

Feeling dizzy

Take time to relax and rest. Make sure you get enough sleep. Avoid driving, driving, or operating any tool or machine while experiencing dizziness.

If the symptoms persist consult your physician to seek assistance.

Warnings for a special population


Animal studies show that Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is safe for the growing fetus.

However, due to the lack of human research studies, the use of this medicine during pregnancy is only with your physician’s approval.

Your doctor will take into consideration the possible risks and benefits before prescribing the medicine to you.


Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is absorbed into the breastmilk in small quantities.

Thus, you should consult your physician to know the effects and risks before you take this medication if you’re nursing.

General cautions

Senior population

Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is to be taken with caution when used by the elderly population since the chance of sustaining kidney damage is very high.

Adjustments to dosages may be required for patients suffering from kidney disease.

Immunization against viral infections

The zoster and varicella vaccines should be avoided while using Acivir 800 mg DT tablet because it could make the vaccine inactive before your body has the chance to develop an immunity against the disease.

Therefore, tell your physician about the use of this medication before getting the vaccination.

The doctor might delay the administration of vaccination until the drug is eliminated by your body.

Operating machines or driving them

Acivir 800 mg DT tablet can cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Therefore, you should avoid driving or operating machines when you experience similar symptoms when you are taking this medication.


Didn’t get the dose

You should take the missed dose of Acivir 800 mg DT tablet when you remember.

If it’s time to take your next dose, do not take the dose you missed. Do not increase your dosage to compensate for the dose you missed.


Never exceed the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Inform your doctor there is an excess of Acivir 800 mg DT tablet.


Acivir 200 mg DT | Acivir 400 mg DT | Acivir 800 mg DT


Each drug interacts differently from person to persons. It is important to review all possibilities of interactions with your physician before you begin any new medication.

Involvement with alcohol


The effects of alcohol on the body are not known. It is recommended to talk with your physician before taking it.


Alcohol-related interactions aren’t well understood. It is recommended to talk with your physician before taking it.

General instructions

Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is a tablet that can be taken without or with food.

Don’t take it in greater or less than the recommended amount.

Ask your doctor for advice if notice any adverse side effects that last or get worse.

Take plenty of water when taking this medication to prevent dehydration.

Avoid driving or operating machines if are feeling dizzy or sleepy after taking this medication.


How long will it take for this medication to begin working?

The duration of time required to allow Acivir 800 mg DT tablet to prove its effectiveness is not clinically proven.

How long will the effects of this medication last?

The length of time Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is active in your body isn’t medically established.

Can you safely drink alcohol while taking this medication?

The effects of alcohol on the body are not known. It is advised to speak with your physician before taking.

Does this constitute an anti-habit-forming drug?

No tendencies to form habits were observed for Acivir 800 mg DT tablet.

This medicine can be used during pregnancy?

Animal studies have shown that Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is not harmful to the growing fetus.

But, due to the absence of human studies, it is recommended to use this medication during pregnancy only on the advice of your doctor.

Your doctor will take into consideration the dangers and benefits before giving them to you.

Does this medicine allow to be taken during breastfeeding?

Acivir 800 mg DT tablet is absorbed into the breastmilk in small quantities. So, talk to your doctor to learn about the possible effects and risks before you take this medication if you’re nursing.

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