Does Erectile Dysfunction Increase with age

Does Erectile Dysfunction Increase with age?

As they age, men are more susceptible to suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction is a broad term that covers a variety of aspects that affect the quality of sexual relations, including the disorder known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

It’s also a reference to the desire of men to have sexual relationships and the general performance of sexual encounters.

Numerous large-scale studies which have been conducted both within and around the U.S. and across the world, have confirmed this.

However, it isn’t necessary to provide all the reasons. Another thing to discover from studies that study the causes of ED is that no matter what age you are, lots of factors that cause ED are manageable to a certain extent.

If you adhere to a healthy diet and engage in lots of exercises for example you can lessen the risk of having erectile dysfunction. Additionally, you reduce the likelihood of suffering from other health issues that may cause ED or lead to it getting worse.

This guide will help you to comprehend the way that erectile dysfunction and the age of the patient are linked and how risk factors influence the chance to develop ED.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile disorder (ED) previously referred to as impotence refers to the difficulty to maintain an erection that’s sufficient to permit sexual intimacy. The phrase “ED” does not necessarily indicate a decrease in desire to engage in sexual activity.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Trusted Source, ED affects men of all age groups. But, males are more susceptible to suffering the condition as they get older.

The incidence of ED is as follows:

  • 13 percent of males under 60
  • 22percent of men 60 and over
  • 30% of males aged 70 and over

A normal occurrence in aging?

Erection dysfunction is a prevalent issue at any age however it happens more frequently in older men. In general, mild or minor Erectile dysfunction affects around 10% of males in the 10th decade of their lives.

This means that some form of erectile dysfunction is affecting about 50% of males who are in their 50s, and 60 percent of men in their 60s and on.

The process of aging can trigger Erectile problems due to the fact that our bodies aren’t performing at the same level when we are in our 60s as they do in our 20s. Other components may be involved, too.

In particular, older men are more likely than younger men medications that could impact their ability to achieve and keep an erection. Furthermore, health problems that cause an erectile disorder, like blood pressure cholesterol levels, and diabetes issues are common among older men.

What can the research reveal about aging and the development of ED?

There’s no set time when the penis suddenly stops functioning and erections stop occurring.

While the prevalence of ED is common, it isn’t the case for everyone who is affected by this issue.

We can’t predict the exact date when ED is likely to occur, however, numerous studies provide insight into the ways that sexual dysfunction, ED, and age are linked. We’ll review some of the most important studies in the following.

In the study which had the highest number of male participants, researchers conducted a survey of 3174 health care professionals in the U.S. to understand how the age of men, as well as other factors, influence the frequency of Erectile dysfunction.

(Men with prostate cancer which can be the primary factor in ED were not included in the scope of the study.) Results from these surveys which will be reviewed in the following section were presented in 2003 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Here’s a breakdown of the respondent’s aged:

Physical reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

It’s common to have occasionally ED and is usually not an indication of an illness, but more frequent episodes can cause disruption to your everyday life.

ED that is caused by an unrelated physical problem typically occurs because of one of the following causes:

You’re getting older. Some individuals lose the ability to keep an erection because of testosterone levels decline as they get older.

You are suffering from an illness that blocks blood from entering the penis as a result of atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure or tobacco use (smoking).

The damage to the penis(such as pelvic surgery or trauma) does not allow it to keep blood in an erection.

Damage to the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and the damage to nerves caused by strokes or autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, can block nerve signals and stop them from reaching into the penis.

Penis injuries following treatment and radiation especially when treating prostate cancer, colon-rectal bladder or cancer will affect the ability of you to get and maintain an erection.

The effects of chemotherapy for cancer or treatment of the pelvis could affect the functioning of the penis.

The adverse effects of medications that treat diseases can adversely affect erections.

These risk factors place individuals with penises at the possibility of becoming ED in their lifetime:

Risk factors place certain individuals with penises at a greater chance of developing ED throughout their lives:

The condition is caused by diabetes discovered that 35% to 50% of diabetics with penises suffer from ED. Blood sugar levels that are not controlled damage the walls of the arterial arteries, causing them to harden (a process called atherosclerosis) which slows the flow of blood and results in interference with nerves that produce and maintain the erections.

Hypertension: High blood pressure affects blood vessels. One study revealed that 61 percent of males with high blood pressure were confirmed to have ED.

Kidney Disease: Kidneys that aren’t functioning properly can affect nerve function, hormone levels, and energy levels that circulate throughout our bodies. If these conditions fail, the erections may be affected.

The heart condition One of the primary signs that indicate heart issues are the absence of blood vessels in the penis to allow blood flow to reach and keep an erection.

A study found that males over the age of 69 and suffering from ED had more than twice the number of cardiac events, such as heart attacks and strokes as those who did not suffer from ED.

This is why everyone who suffers from ED must undergo an exam for their cardio by their physician.

Prostate diseases The prostate gland is small and is located between the penis and the bladder. Certain treatments and surgeries to treat an excessively massive prostate or prostate cancer can cause ED.

Obesity can trigger inflammation in the whole body and could affect blood vessels that provide the penis. The study showed that 73% of males with abdominal obesity had at least some level of ED.8 Obesity may also be an issue in low testosterone levels that could influence the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition that results in blockage of the airways in the upper part of the body during sleep, limiting airflow and ultimately, blood circulation which can increase the risk of ED. It has been estimated that 69 percent of men suffering from OSA have ED.

Additional reasons for ED

ED isn’t always linked to the presence of chronic illness or.

The other reasons that are frequent are:

  • heavy alcohol consumption
  • tobacco use
  • prescription medication
  • anxiety
  • Depression

Alcohol can reduce nerve communication in the brain as well as across the entire body. It can affect the signaling for arousal and physical coordination.

Tobacco is not only an obstruction to blood flow It can also cause serious illnesses which can interfere with sexual function.

The effects of drugs may affect different people in different ways. A drug that may reduce sexual performance for one individual is not identical for another.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

The efficacy of treatment for ED is mostly dependent on discovering the root of the issue.

Certain doctors employ questionnaires to verify their medical and physical background.

These questionnaires will evaluate your capability to initiate and keep an erection going as well as measure your satisfaction after you are having sex, and aid in identifying any problems in the gastric.

Your doctor may ask for blood tests or take samples from your urine to look for any health concerns that may be contributing to ED.

This information will assist your physician to determine the most effective and efficient treatments for your dysfunction.

If the primary origin of your ED is physical, then your doctor or other health professional might suggest risks that are linked to your lifestyle choices, such as smoking cigarettes or following an unhealthy diet that you may be able to alter.

You may also be able to modify the medication you’re taking to treat an illness that may be the cause of your ED like antidepressants or blood pressure medications.

The most frequently used treatment used to manage ED includes an oral prescription medicine that will assist you in achieving and maintaining your erection. For instance:

  • Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Levitra as well as Staxyn (vardenafil)
  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Stendra (avanafil)

The medicines are the same helping the penis muscles in easing and relax. They also increase the amount of blood prior to and after having sexual sex.

The drugs vary in amount and they begin to take effect. For example, Viagra (Cenforce 100), the most well-known of these supplements, generally takes 30-60 minutes after the moment the dose is taken. However, Cialis is effective between 16 and 45 minutes of consumption.

Keep this in your mind

While there’s no specific time when erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, what research has proven is that regardless of health status, there are certain ways you can improve your sexual performance and prevent ED.

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